Mission and vision


The Dutch Government strives for open access to data. The Marine Information and Data Centre (IHM (Informatiehuis Marien)) aims to bring the government's open data policy to fruition by making all data on the North Sea accessible through this website. This will facilitate reuse of the data collected. Many organisations will benefit:

  • The government will be able to reuse the data for administration and policymaking purposes.
  • Knowledge institutes will be able to improve their models with more data.
  • The data monitoring burden will be reduced for the business sector in the permit granting process.

The Marine Information and Data Centre serves as a platform where interested parties, professionals and government authorities can find information. These target groups can also share information through the platform on the ecology, sea floor and water of the North Sea.


The starting point of the Marine Information and Data Centre is to provide access to government data on the North Sea. Our ultimate goal is to create a platform where both public and private parties can share information about the North Sea, Wadden Sea and the Delta area. This is subject to two key conditions: the data must remain at the source as far as possible and the provider is responsible for data quality.