Marine Monitoring Platform

The Marine Monitoring Platform accumulates and facilitates the exchange of knowledge on marine monitoring projects. The aim is to maximise efficiency and effectiveness through demand-driven monitoring and the reuse of knowledge and data, and by creating coherence between the monitoring programmes.

The Marine Monitoring Platform is designed for project managers and project staff engaged in monitoring projects. The platform consists of Rijkswaterstaat staff with ample experience in marine monitoring projects. They will provide you guidance on setting up, evaluating and adjusting your marine monitoring project. The platform currently focuses on marine projects set up by Rijkswaterstaat. The knowledge and expertise acquired from these projects can potentially also be used by other organisations in the future.

The platform is an initiative of Rijkswaterstaat's Water, Traffic and Environment service (WVL (Rijkswaterstaat Water, Verkeer en Leefomgeving)). The Marine Information and Data Centre participates in the platform with the aim of promoting the "reuse of marine data".

Knowledge exchange days

A knowledge exchange day on a specific topic in the field of marine monitoring takes place twice a year. Participation in the knowledge exchange days is on an invitation basis and the composition of the group varies according to the topic. Invitations are sent to both Rijkswaterstaat staff and relevant external parties. If you wish to attend a knowledge exchange day or if you have any questions, feel free to contact


The Marine Monitoring Platform publishes a newsletter twice a year, following a knowledge exchange day. The Newsletter features a report of the knowledge exchange day, including contact details of participants, news on the platform's activities and marine monitoring projects.

Data access

The platform is committed to ensuring the sustainable storage of monitoring data from marine projects so that the data can be reused. Deltares also played an important role in developing a marine data viewer jointly with the IHM. (Informatiehuis Marien) A selection of data from the Offshore Wind Farm Projects and the Environmental Compensation for Maasvlakte 2 programme can be downloaded from the Open Data tab page. If you wish to receive more data on these projects or if you have any questions, please contact the IHM using the contact form on this website. Reports of the projects can be found under the "Projects" tab.

Since marine data can now be accessed through the dataviewer, an increasing amount of data will be made available via this facility in the near future. Check back regularly to find out whether any new project data have been added.

Monitoring projects

  1. Environmental compensation for Maasvlakte 2 (project leader: Mennobart van Eerden);
  2. Offshore Wind Farms (project leader: Joop Bakker);
  3. Egmond aan Zee Wind Farm (project leader: Joop Bakker);
  4. Sand Motor (project leader: Carola van Gelder)
  5. Coastline Management – Ecology (project leader: Petra Damsma);
  6. Moneos - Deepening of the Western Scheldt River (project leader: Joost Backx);
  7. Sand Extraction (project leader: Suzan van Lieshout).